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of the year which is sort of a halo to get some of the toyota magic with the prius that gm's been lacking. >> speaking of toyota, how much of their problems are now rebounding and helping? gwen: that's a good point. if toyota's in trouble, then somebody's got to benefit. >> there was an amazing ap poll this week that said americans actually thought that american cars were of higher quality than asian cars, which obviously americans haven't thought for decades. >> that's a revolution. >> right. if you think about toyota and all of the problems they've had from the sudden acceleration, recall of 9 million vehicles worldwide, two more recalls just in the last week and the decision to pay the largest-ever fine in auto safety history of $60 million for delaying a recall by more than four months, it does give the domestic companies an opportunity to maybe convince toyota owners to come into the showroom. >> is it short lived, though if toyota gets its act together, could that then mean that the game is either slow or they -- could they erode? >> here's the interesting thing, toyota has really u
in the upper-60's. >> sounds wonderful. we will be right back. >> the toyota sports desk -- brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving forward. >> the big news out of redskins to date -- redskins park is the trade of jason campbell. jason was traded this afternoon to the oakland raiders for a fourth-round draft choice in 2012. he is coming off his best year, completing over 60% of his passes. he began extendible -- expendable when they traded for donovan mcnabb. >> working with him, we tried to find the proper home, where he had a chance to compete for the starting job. the trade worked out with competition that we felt comfortable with. it was the place that he wanted to go. riley, a linebacker from lsu, tight end dennis morris, and wide receiver terrence austin, as well as an offensive guard from new mexico. they also got an offensive tackle. >>> the washington capitals let one slip away last night appeared upset and. , they finally got on the board -- last night. they finally got on the board. the goalie made 38 saves. he shut down the patcaps. -- bruce p. wrote -- bruce, did
coming >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer, moving you forward. >> a slow start, tired legs, i don't know what it was for the caps, but the montreal canadiens came out with a pension and scored two first period goals. they were flying around early. he lit up this shot. it was 1-0 montreal. six minutes later canadians on the attack. it was 2-0 montreal shortly into the game and then the camps finally got on the board. alex ovechkin punches in. it was 2-1 and i thought here come the capitals. the goalie made 38 saves and the canadians hold on. they are headed back to montreal. you have to say bruce boudreau, did you let one get away? >> of course. what did you think? we let it slip away. we have game 5 in our building and we played like crap in the first 10 minutes and the game 0 is over -- the game is over. >> the redskins did not have a chance to participate in the draft, but the two most talked- about players finally got picked. colt mccoy had to wait to the 85th pick but was selected. the redskins were showing off their offensive linemen, trent
not on the part of total war for -- of toyota or ford. host: repaying money that was given by the federal government, how was that compared to other automakers that received federal money for the same purposes? guest: it is really only general motors and chrysler that you can compare head-to-head. chrysler is in a much tougher situation. it did not get as much money. an ipo there is not expected for a couple of years. there were signs of progress there at chrysler. it has a new products coming. that new product pipeline is going to take a few years to really get into the market. even then, there are some questions as to how americans to respond to these new vehicles. will they hit the targets that they need to? guest: what is it about the vehicles that may call that into question? guest: it is a different team at chrysler. it is a joint venture. ia few of them were vehicles tht are in progress when chrysler went bankrupt. the first new vehicle we will see will be a new jeep grand cherokee. until you see those on the road, it is hard to know if this current management group has a feel for
on every vehicle we make. at toyota, your safety will continue to be a top priority in any and all of our decisions. ♪ you may be missing some of the protection you need for a healthy mouth. with crest pro-health toothpastes, you don't need to make that trade-off. [ sela ] crest pro-health is the first and only leading toothpaste to protect against sensitivity and all these areas dentists check most. and with crest pro-health sensitive shield, you get a smoother formula. sensitivity protection and more for a healthy mouth. new crest pro-health sensitive shield. >>> you know, in this economy york often need to get creative or go broke. a company switched from making car parts to parts for the body. they said they have done a complete company makeover and they're looking to expand, which means more jobs. elizabeth pran is live with plant with more on -- atlanta with more on this. i love this story. >> turner medical used to be turner machine. since the late 1970s, they made auto parts but the jobs became increasingly available overseas they knew they had to reinvent themselves. turns out,
're -- >> greta: how can they run ads on this? next to toyota it looks good. that's the way. >> they want to show they turned a corner. >> greta: with your money! >> certainly. we own the company. there is no doubt about that. 61% is owned by the federal government, by the u.s. taxpayer. we do well and taxpayers do well. >> greta: come monday. great idea to run the ads. rick, thank you. >> thanks. >> greta: next, got stimulus takes a -- government stimulus takes a new meaning. how do you mriek paying government workers to look at porn. and what government workers it was. and has the massachusetts senator scott brown made a decision to run for president. he tells you himself in minutes. [ female announcer ] it's red lobster's festival of shrimp... a chance to get everyone together for a night where everyone gets just what they want. combine two or three favorites, from new creations like crab-stuffed shrimp and pecan-crusted shrimp to classics like decadent shrimp scampi. it's everything you want in a night out. starting at just $11.99, during the festival of shrimp. right now at red lobster. >> g
may be able to help. . >> brian: get more trouble for toyota, the largest auto maker is recalling unreported number of vehicles sold in brazil over the past two years. brazilian consumer protection officials complain that the flormats pose a safety threat blocking accelerator pedals. toyota says it's going along with brazil's decision and denies they've done anything wrong. more than 8.5 million toyota vehicles recalled worldwide because of safety problems. >>> new fundraising reports show democrats outraise republicans in march. the three democratic campaign committees, d.n.c., d.s.c.c., and the dccc raised $29 million in the month. major republican committees raised $24 million in this key mid-term election year. >>> one thing is for sure, democrats and republicans both are still putting the party in political party. correspondent james rosen hit the town to show us where a lot of the big donor contributions are going! >> reporter: plush hotel, corporate jet, elaborate floral arrangeles, not the things you associate with winning elections but the forms show the democratic and re
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these things, you could end up with a situation like you have with toyota. someone doesn't speak up against it in a way to get some results, you're going to end on the pages of "wall street journal". >>> i think it's idealistic, that teaching ethics will eradicate improper people, but i'm optimistic is what we're going to see enough individuals that are doing positive things that is going to end up, sadly not making the events disappear but put them in a proper context. >> he hopes it will curb future disasters in the world of business. >> gregg: jonathan, thanks. with all the developments in the sec scandal, goldman sachs case, we know a lot are checking and now there is a new appfor that. all you on have to do beginning monday, iphone users have faster access to broadband to iphone app. just one tap, you get an instant access to america's number one cable news network. >>> a developing situation, we've been telling but the tornados, severe storms moving across the southeastern region. they are moving southeast and we'll have the latest after the commercial break and controvers
be the maytag repair man waiting for the phone call, but we're more like toyota. >> i appreciate you being here. i very much acknowledge the great results on recruitment. that is a clear sign that the right climate has returned to the civil rights division. we have heard and you have told us about the regular meetings between the career attorneys and the political appointments, so that you have a seamless system, taking the best advice from the career attorneys. we very much appreciate that and applaud your efforts in that regard. i also appreciate that you started with fair lending appeared in these economic times, -- i also appreciate that he started with their lending. -- i also appreciate that you started with fair lending. we did not want to create a climate that is irresponsible -- ss politic i ss politicizati you go back to before world war ii where we had housing programs administered by f.h.a. and the color coding was adapted in red-lining which had at least tried to be justified based pop economic realities but what it did is hold down a class of people. the net result was that wealth
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)